We started “Prayosha Innovative” during 2015 as a manufacturing firm in Vadodara Gujarat. Our aim is to deliver innovative product which will satisfy our customers by providing better solutions to routine as well as special needs.¬†As a first approach we launched Sedimclean domestic water tank cleaning machine as a consumer appliance.

Sedimclean  domestic water tank cleaning machine is a unique product with patent applied. A compact, light weight and low power consumption device for cleaning of domestic water storage tank. Now no need to call someone for tank cleaning, no need to drain out water, no need to enter inside the tank, just sweep out deposited sediments in few minutes without affecting water consumption from tank.

We are also introducing heavy duty water tank cleaning machine suitable for rough & tough application suitable for commercial as well as industrial applications in same brand.

We are also engaged in development of other domestic as well as industrial products.

Our another line of product is bolted stub end for piping. This is a innovative product for fitting on end of pipe for making further pipe fitting or extension. The bolted stub end is developed to avoid welding work on piping in case of emergency break down, process modification & termination or extension of piping. The bolted stub end is designed to fit on pipe end by minimum manpower and within few minutes. It does not have any flanging bolts holes but it needs to back up by lap joint flange as per piping standards running in plant. This connects or blinds or extends pipe line without any hot work with suitability up to 200 C temperature & working pressure of 10 kg/sq.cm. This is suitable for different chemicals, different standards of flanges, quick fitting with only one man & no special tools needed.

Our products are with creativity in terms of Energy conservation, Environmental protection, Economy and with Easiness of daily and emergency needs.